Monday, March 18, 2013

Student and social service

Man has three duties:
Duty towards god, duty towards parent and duty towards mankind. student are born to red, to study books to prepare themselves for examinations. The hue and cry of the world and the heat and dust of life generally do not move them. But there are occasion in a nation's life when normal duties suspend and normal life does not function. Then the services of student are essential. Student are not separated from society . Then are also social beings like other class of people. They enjoy the same social benefits, right privileges. There is no rose without a then and no right without duets. No wonder then that student have certain duties to the society in which they live in .

In Education :
Ours is an undeveloped country . So the student in our country have many things to do for the welfare and good of the country. The can render free service in different spheres of our national  life. Most of the people of our country illiterate . The student can open night schools and teach the illiterate people. They can remove illiteracy from our country . During the vacation they can go tho village and teach the rural folk.

National Health :
Student's services are necessary in the field of our national health. They can play and important role. Female students can teach the uneducated women how to keep their houses neat and clean , how to bring up children and look after their health. The village people living in the slums suffer from many disses.They hove no knowledge about health and environment. The have no knowledge about health and environment. The student can teach them about basic rules of health and environment.

In Agricultural :
Bangladesh in an agricultural country . Her prosperity depends on agricultural. But the farmers of our country are illiterate . The4y have no knowledge about scientific method of cultivation
in this case student can teach the illiterate farmers.

In population control :
Bangladesh is an overpopulated country. Most of the village people of our country are illiterate. They  are also superstitious . The have no knowledge about family planning . They are unwilling to accept family planning. In this regard student can render a good social service they can explain to the illiterate village pople the need for adopting family planning

In natural calamities :
During natural calamities sutednts acn render better services. During floods and cyclones and famine sutedent stand by the affected pople. Students beg money from the rich, rasise funds rescue pople, feed the hungry nurse the sick and cloth the naked. During epidemics medical sutedents and other sutednts may serve the sick with proper food cloth, medicine and other necessary things.

Students are the servants of society. They are the makers of society They are the soldiers of social peace. They should serve the society without any selfish motive.


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