Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fish Culture

Bangladesh is the darling child of Nature. She has rained her bounties on her
loving chill d profusely. Bangladeshis blessed with so many natural gifts. Fish is one of them. For this reason fish is a common item of our food. But at present this fish is the only source of foreign currency. That is why fish cultivation holds a bright prospect for Bangladesh.

Places for fish cultivation:
Bangladesh is the best suitable place for fish cultivation its soil and climate are congenial to fish cultivation. Bangladesh is a land of rivers, canals, ponds,lakes, tank and big haors. Fishes live there they breed and grow there.                                                                               

Government initiatives for fish cultivation:
bangladesh fish culture, fish, fish culture, In countries like Denmark, fisheries are regarded as an important trade. The have done a lot to improve this trade and are now earning large sums of money by selling fish to foreign countries. In our country fisheries have been boldly neglected so long though we have an enormous supply of fish. Our government has taken necessary measures and proper steps for the improvement of fish cultivation. A separate department of fisheries has been opened. It is doing useful work to develop this trade and to improve the lot of the people who are engaged in  there sole professional. To day the people who are engaged in fish cultivation are granted banklo ans and supplied with necessary appliances.

Benefit of fish cultivation:
The benefit of fish cultivation are too many to be described. The people of Bangladesh like fish very much. It is next to rice. They cannot pass a single day without fish. It is very delicious and nutrition various delicious preparations are made of fish. They are cooked as curry or fry or kabob.Today fish cultivation is the profitable business. It is a great source of income. The lion share of our foreign exchange is cumming from fish. Fishing is a means of livelihood for many people in our county. There is a special caste flower class Hindus with whom fishing is hereditary  occupation . Now -a-days not only the poor Muslims but also people  of different classes have taken fish cultivation as their profession and at the same time as source of their livelihood. It has gone a long way to solve our much talked unemployment problem.

There is no undisturbed blessing  earth. Evert hing has it dark side. So fish cultivation is not free from its dark side. It has got some natural calamities. Again their are touts, brokers who cheat the simple minded people engaged in this professional. Again many educated youth think fish cultivation beyond there are not sufficient cold storage and ice factories. Fish cultivation holds bright prospect in our country. It will go and long way to lead the country to the path of progress and prosperity.


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