Monday, August 6, 2012

Female Education

Education is a light to which everybody has the equal right. Allah has created both man and woman equally and has not drawn any distinct distinction between them. He has bestowed them with equal faculties. So there should be no difference of opinion regarding imparting education to women. So education should be universal.
Reason for education women:
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A good mother can produce a good citizen. In order to have good citizens, female education is a must. Female education is not new thing in our country. Islam has encourage education and training to women folk. The prophet of Islam has made education compulsory for both man and woman. Once Nepoleon said. "Give me a good mother and I will give you a good citizen ". A good mother obviously means a educated mother. So it need no telling the importance of female education.

Woman are now -a-days as important as men in society. They constitute nearly half of our total population. Son there can be no denying the fact that they too possess equal fights and duties as men do. They have noble missions to fulfill as men. If they get opportunity, their genius powers and capacities will bloom fully.No nation can make real progress keeping a full half of it population in the dark. Without the uplift of women, the Progress of the nation is not all all possible. Again without education women can not be elevated. So all out education should be imparted to the women folk so that they may come forward and work hand in hand with men in all development programmers

Mothers women play an important part in mounding the character of their children. There is a saying in English that the hand that rocks the hands that rocks the cradle rules the world. So every woman is a potential mother. The future of a child depends on how it is brought up and educated in childhood. Naturally and educated mother is expected to bring up and educate her children better than an uneducated mother.

A mother exercises an undeniably influence in the formation of children character and in shaping their future destiny. Lives of many great men of the world show that they learn at home take a firm root in them. And it goes without saying that this learning they get mostly from their mother as they live underhand direct supervisor and constant care. If a mother fails to bring up her children properly, the mother is held responsible for this failure, not the child. This failure may lead her children in the wrong path which will ultimate ruin the latent talents of the children. If all the children become great, all the credit goes to the mothers. So it can be said that it is a mother who plays a vital pole in forming the character and deciding the future of her children. From this point of view an educated mother is an asset and it is more necessary to educate women folk.

The role of women in making a home an abode of peace and happiness is great. Not only as mothers but also as wives women exert tremendous influence for good or for evil. If wife is properly educated, she can manage household affairs efficiently. A good house wife is an asset to the entire family. She can keep accounts, control and guide servants and take initiative in many domestic matters. She can maintain the discipline of the house. We live in a competitive materialistic age. Today life has become harder than before and the stuggle for existence is grim and only the fittest will survive. Besides maintaining a good family life and educated wife can take an active part and help her husband in the greater field of action. Thus she lightens the burden of her over worked husband. But this she will fail to do without proper education.

An education husband can never have free exchange of ideas with an ignorant wife. Life would be dull and unhappy for them. Frequent quarrels many result from such a lack of understanding. So female education is essential from this points of view also.

All necessary steps should be taken encourage universal female education. It is a happy news for us that our government has recently declared free and compulsory education for rural girls up to S.S.C. A country can not prosperous if its women are kept ignorant. We need good wives and good mothers to make our nation great. Without a good system of female education, this will not be possible.


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