Tuesday, June 19, 2012

School Magazin

The School Magazine is a publication of a school. In general. It is published annually of periodically. Like other schools ours has also a school magazine. The name of our magazine. The name of our magazine is 'The light of Dawn'. It is an annual publication.
Its publication:
A magazine committee is formed in order to conduct the works of publication. The Headmaster is the chairperson and chief patron of the committee.  A teacher is made the advisor. A student who is good at a literature is made the editor of the magazine committee. Some students who are engaged in the committee word as assistant editors,business editors, poof readers etc. The publication f the magazine is mostly maintained by the student' and school fund.

Its contents:
Our school magazine has both Bengli and English section. Both teachers and students write in it, Generally poems, short stories, jokes, one act play, riddles and other educative writing are published in the  magazine. After all the works of publication when the magazine reaches the hands of us, our joys know no bounds. the students feel very happy to see their writhing in the printed book.
Significance :
The school magazine is an embodiment  or thinking of us. We can express the green ideas of our mind through this. We can know about literature , history, science and many other things from it . It also helps us to don creative words. For this the publication of school magazine very important. The school magazine helps the young learners and writes to develop their latent faculties. It also helps them in developing their power of thinking and writing. So, I think every school should have a magazine.


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