Wednesday, June 13, 2012

My Hobby

Hobby means one’s favorite occupation but not one’s business . A man does not depend on it for his living but it is not less important than his main business. It is an interesting way to enjoy our leisure period. 
Kinds of hobby: 

There are many kinds of hobbies like gardening, drawing, picture, painting, kite flying, stamp, collecting fishing etc.                            

My hobby: 
flowers in the garden
I am a student. I also have a hobby. It is   flowers in the garden . My garden in front of my reading room. I have planted many kinds of flower plants in it. I work there with a spade during my leisure, I make the soil loose , weed out the grass and plant new flower plants. Some times I water them. There is a strong fence around my garden so that the naughty boys and animals can do no harm to my flower plants. 
Why I like it: 
One may ask why I like gardening as my hobby. In answer, I will say that gardening is very useful for health and mind. This strengthens my health and refreshes my mind. Everyone I get great pleasure when I see the bloming flowers in the garden. I am charmed at their. Beauty when they are tossed by gentle breeze. I also get pleasure when the sweet scent of flowers come into my room. Besides this, I grow some vegetable is my garden. This saves a lot of expenses of my family. For this reason, I like gardening. 
A hobby lime gardening gives pleasure and instruction It makes a man active and strong. It prevent a man to pass his time in idleness. It increase one’s knowledge too. Through this one comes to know about flower’s and plant’s lives a sort of physical exercise. For a cheerful life every man should have a hobby, But we should see that our main works do not suffer on account of if.


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