Saturday, August 6, 2011


Tea is a kinds of drink. We get if from tea leaves. Now-a-days it is the most popular drink in the world.
Where grown/ Producing countries.
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Tea grows well in the hilly places where rain water cannot stand at all. It needs hot and moist climate and heavy rainfall. It grows in China, japan, India and Bangladesh, In Bangladesh it grows well in the hilly areas of sylhet and Chittagong
Cultivation/ How grown:
Tea plants grow from seeds. Seeds are sown in March. Seedlings are transported  in rows five feet apart. They are regularly pounced and allowed to grow only four to five feet high.
When tea plants are four years of age, leaves are plucked three or four times a year. The leaves are first dried in the sun and and roasted in fire. Thus the leaves are already for use and sale.
How prepared :
At first water is boiled in a pot. Tea leaves are put into boiling water . After three or four minutes it is poured into cups through a sieve. Then sugar and milk is mixed with it. Thus it because a good drink.
Tea is a useful drink to us. It refreshes body and mind and gives energy for work. It is a cheap drink to all. It also helps us to keep awake . In our country it is an important cash crop.
Tea is not always good for health. In hot countries it does more harm than good. Too much of it is bad for health. It kills hunger. the important of tea in our national economy is very great. It brings a good deal of foreign money every year and helps our country develop to a great extent. So we should take care of better production of tea.


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