Saturday, August 6, 2011

Flood In Bangladesh

Flood is a natural calamity . It is an annual affair in Bangladesh . Bangladesh suffer from flood almost every year.
What is flood: Due to excessive rainfall or any other cause when rivers and canal overflow their banks and makes a huge loss to crops and property, then it is called flood.
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How it caused:  The causes of flood are many. It is mainly caused by heavy showes of rain. It may be caused by cyclones tidal bores or melting of snow on mountains.                             
Damage caused by flood:
Flood causes a big loss of our life, property and crops. It washes away villages, roads and even peoples houses. Many human lives are lost. All the communication is suspended . People become homeless they take shelter on the high roads, schools and college.
The after effects of flood are more dangerous .After flood epidemic and famine break out. The areas affected by flood become muddy and unhealthy. There is scarcity of drinking water. The price of all daily necessities go up. 
Relief shoud be given properly to the flood affected people. They should;d be rehabilitated .  Easy loans and seed should be given to them.
Floods do some good to us. It makes our lands fertile by depositing silt. It washes away filth and dirt.  It is urgently necessary to take proper steps for the control of flood in our country bout long and shout term plans canbe taken The siltedup beds of our river should be excavated for carrying more water. Proper embankments should be construction along the bank of the river. flood causes a huge loss  our country every year. So we must control flood at any cost .


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