Saturday, August 6, 2011

A Local Game of Bangladesh ' Ha-Du-Du'

Bangladesh is a land of games an sports. there is no clear-cut division between urban and local games and spots. Football,Volleyball, Cricket are playedin towns as well as in villages But ha-du-du or Kabdi is the most important and exciting.
How Played :                                                  
The games Ha-du-du is played between two teams. The number of the players in each teams not fised but both the teams should have equal number of players. A particular field is needed to play this game the field is divided in two teams stand in rows face to face on each side. A referee conducts the games,

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The game starts with his direction. One of the players of one side planges into the other side with the sound 'Ha-du-du'.He tries to touch the players of the opposite team without being caught by them. If he can touch a player and run back to his side with breath intact, The player he touched is said to die. On the other hand, if he is caught and his breath fails, he himself is said to die. A dead player of one side is revived by the death of a player of the opposite said, The surviving party wins the game. 
Interesting parts of the Game:
Had-du-du is an interesting and refreshing game. The art of catching an enjoy player is really interesting and refreshing game. The art of catching an enjoy player is a really interesting. Keeping breath to make the players die and making 'Ha-du-du' sounds area also interesting.
Usefulness :
The game is played for amusement . the game helps to build our body. It also  helps boys to build a sense of team spirit. The game teachers them to be disciplined.
The local games are a part of our culture and heritage. we should all try to revive the local games and enough our young  ones to take part in them for enjoying.


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