Saturday, August 6, 2011

International Mother Language Day

The 21st February is a red letter day in our national life. Every year on this very day the whole national comes to the martyr’s monument and the ritual seems to effect a purification of souls. 
Facts of the Day:
On this day in 1952 the brave sons of 'Mother Bengal' Laid down their Lives to protect the interest of the mother language. After the birth of pakistan the interst of the mother language. After the birth of pakistan the ruler of the west Pakistan wanted to impose 'Urdu'on the Bengali speaking people as state language of Pakistan. But everybody ,especially the students of the then East Pakistan Demanded Bengali as the state Language. As a result The Language Movement took plance and on 21st February, 1952 Rafiq, Salam,Brkat, Jabbar, Shafiq, and so on sacrificed their lives. Many were injured and hundreds were arrested.
How observed :
There are millions of martyr's monument in our country. Every year on this day people come tho these The government, different organizations and institutions arranged programmed to celebrate the day. Besides, according to a singular decision of the UNESCO on Nov 17. 1999, this day is now the international Mother Language Day has been observed all over the word with due respect in 2000. On this day in a message UN  Secretary General  Kofi anan said, "This day will help to raise awareness among the nations of the world about enduring value of their languages. 
Effect or influence:
This day possesses a great influence for the whole nation as it did in the past. This will go on in the future too. In fact, this movement influence and led the nation to it's liberation .However, yet we find inspiration from the dreamy blue of this movement.
Our language movement on 21st February is a unique event in the history of human civilization. We are really glorified by the declaration of the UNESCO that turned a national celebration to an international event. we are proud of our language martyr's.   


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