Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Independence Day

The 26th March, 1971, on which the independence  of Bangladesh was declared, is regarded as our independence  day . It is a red letter day in our national life. This is a day to recall why Bangladesh is created.
Background : 
The barbarous pak army launched an inhuman attack on the innocent and peace-loving citizens of Bangladesh on the 25th March 1971. They killed thousands of men and women and pared innumerable women. They also killed hundreds of intellectuals of the country. Hundreds of villages were razed to the ground and a number of schools and colleges were destroyed by the Pakistani hordes. Our roads, railways, water-ways and air-ways were disrupted . SheikhMujib was taken to unknown place of west Pakistan. The Bangladesh realized their actual position when Bangladesh was declared on the 25th of March,1971. After nine months struggle Bangladesh emerged as an independent state.
How the day is observed/ Special programmer:
On this day we pay rich tributes to the memory of the martyrs who laid down their lives for the sake of our independence. The Government different organization and institutions chalk our monogrammed to celebrate the day. Every year the day is observed in a befitting manner . The national flag is hoisted in all important offices, buildings, institutions and shops. All important planes are well decorated. of the day.
Games and sports:
As it is a cheerful day in the history of Bangladesh ,Various kinds of games and sports are held to celebrate this day. Lime football, Volleyball,Cricket, race,etc. Re held in different places of Bangladesh including thana and districts.
The 25th of March signalled the start of the liberation war of Bangladesh. This is a symbol of our determination to survive as a nation of self-respecting people. So the 26th March will be remembered forever as the independence day in the history of Bangladesh.

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