Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Most Interesting Person I Have Ever met

Introduction :
I am a student of class ten. By this time I have come across a lot of people. But all of them are not very interesting to me. A very few of them are really interesting. On of them is our English teacher. His name Is Gurutoyce. He has been teaching in our school for ten years.
Why I lime him:
I like him because he is a  man who ha interesting personality and vast knowledge. He is an M.A In English Literature from the University of Dhaka . He is punctual  honest and kind. He has great love for the students. He mixes with them freely and  limes talking with them. He is remarkable in marking his students understand the lessons. Students have never seem his missing any class he comes to the school in time, even in rainy days. He reads a lot and tells the stories to the students. He shares his knowledge with others. he is also keen on social welfare of our area. When any one of the area fails in trouble , he comes running to his help. He is neither selfish nor self-centered. 
His physical features:
Gurutoyce is about fifty years old. He is a tall man with a big body. He is strong and healthy and lookks younger than his age.
He possesses so many Qualities that i have become one of his admirers. I have never seen such and interesting person lime him in short life. Being a student of such a noble teacher, I am really proud.


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