Saturday, August 6, 2011

My Pet Animal

We have friend. But we do not get them for all times. We usually keep pet animal to spend our leisure.It is not less  then a friend . we always get it by our sides. We treat it with care and affection.
My Pet Animal:
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Pet animal; can be of different kinds. It depends on the personal choice of the keeper. I have a pet animal. It is a dog. The name of my pet animal is 'Montu'.                      
Why I  Lime It: 
I like the dog as my pet animal because it is a faithful animal. It warns us in danger and acts as care-taker. On the other hand it can adjust with us easily.
My pet dog, Montu is a four-footed animal. Its body is covered  with short hair. It has two long ears and bright eyes. It has sharp claws and pointed teeth. It has a tail. It is short but curved. The colour  of my dog is brown.
Nature and habit:
The nature of my pet animal is up to the  mark. It has a very strong sense of smell. It can follow a man or an animal only by scent. It is very clever. It is often used in finding our thieves My pet dog is habituated in eating flesh, fish, bread and rice.
My pet dog, Montu is very useful to me. When i become quite alone then I fell the company of my dog. It is very faithful to to me. It looks after our house at day and a night. It rouses us when a thief comes to our house  .Thus it helps us to save our wealth. After all, it always keeps us safe from all the external dangers.
My pet dog is a good one. When it sees me even from a long distance it rushes to me and lies on beside me . When I begin to fondle It, It informs me satisfaction and faithfulness by moving its curved tail. I Love my pet dog very much and it also loves very dearly.


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