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My Pet Animal

We have friend. But we do not get them for all times. We usually keep pet animal to spend our leisure.It is not less  then a friend . we always get it by our sides. We treat it with care and affection.
My Pet Animal:
dog, my pet animal, dog, favor it dog
Pet animal; can be of different kinds. It depends on the personal choice of the keeper. I have a pet animal. It is a dog. The name of my pet animal is 'Montu'.                      
Why I  Lime It: 
I like the dog as my pet animal because it is a faithful animal. It warns us in danger and acts as care-taker. On the other hand it can adjust with us easily.
My pet dog, Montu is a four-footed animal. Its body is covered  with short hair. It has two long ears and bright eyes. It has sharp claws and pointed teeth. It has a tail. It is short but curved. The colour  of my dog is brown.
Nature and habit:
The nature of my pet animal is up to the  mark. It has a very strong sense of smell. It can follow a man or an animal only by scent. It is very clever. It is often used in finding our thieves My pet dog is habituated in eating flesh, fish, bread and rice.
My pet dog, Montu is very useful to me. When i become quite alone then I fell the company of my dog. It is very faithful to to me. It looks after our house at day and a night. It rouses us when a thief comes to our house  .Thus it helps us to save our wealth. After all, it always keeps us safe from all the external dangers.
My pet dog is a good one. When it sees me even from a long distance it rushes to me and lies on beside me . When I begin to fondle It, It informs me satisfaction and faithfulness by moving its curved tail. I Love my pet dog very much and it also loves very dearly.

The Most Interesting Person I Have Ever met

Introduction :
I am a student of class ten. By this time I have come across a lot of people. But all of them are not very interesting to me. A very few of them are really interesting. On of them is our English teacher. His name Is Gurutoyce. He has been teaching in our school for ten years.
Why I lime him:
I like him because he is a  man who ha interesting personality and vast knowledge. He is an M.A In English Literature from the University of Dhaka . He is punctual  honest and kind. He has great love for the students. He mixes with them freely and  limes talking with them. He is remarkable in marking his students understand the lessons. Students have never seem his missing any class he comes to the school in time, even in rainy days. He reads a lot and tells the stories to the students. He shares his knowledge with others. he is also keen on social welfare of our area. When any one of the area fails in trouble , he comes running to his help. He is neither selfish nor self-centered. 
His physical features:
Gurutoyce is about fifty years old. He is a tall man with a big body. He is strong and healthy and lookks younger than his age.
He possesses so many Qualities that i have become one of his admirers. I have never seen such and interesting person lime him in short life. Being a student of such a noble teacher, I am really proud.

The Independence Day

The 26th March, 1971, on which the independence  of Bangladesh was declared, is regarded as our independence  day . It is a red letter day in our national life. This is a day to recall why Bangladesh is created.
Background : 
The barbarous pak army launched an inhuman attack on the innocent and peace-loving citizens of Bangladesh on the 25th March 1971. They killed thousands of men and women and pared innumerable women. They also killed hundreds of intellectuals of the country. Hundreds of villages were razed to the ground and a number of schools and colleges were destroyed by the Pakistani hordes. Our roads, railways, water-ways and air-ways were disrupted . SheikhMujib was taken to unknown place of west Pakistan. The Bangladesh realized their actual position when Bangladesh was declared on the 25th of March,1971. After nine months struggle Bangladesh emerged as an independent state.
How the day is observed/ Special programmer:
On this day we pay rich tributes to the memory of the martyrs who laid down their lives for the sake of our independence. The Government different organization and institutions chalk our monogrammed to celebrate the day. Every year the day is observed in a befitting manner . The national flag is hoisted in all important offices, buildings, institutions and shops. All important planes are well decorated. of the day.
Games and sports:
As it is a cheerful day in the history of Bangladesh ,Various kinds of games and sports are held to celebrate this day. Lime football, Volleyball,Cricket, race,etc. Re held in different places of Bangladesh including thana and districts.
The 25th of March signalled the start of the liberation war of Bangladesh. This is a symbol of our determination to survive as a nation of self-respecting people. So the 26th March will be remembered forever as the independence day in the history of Bangladesh.

International Mother Language Day

The 21st February is a red letter day in our national life. Every year on this very day the whole national comes to the martyr’s monument and the ritual seems to effect a purification of souls. 
Facts of the Day:
On this day in 1952 the brave sons of 'Mother Bengal' Laid down their Lives to protect the interest of the mother language. After the birth of pakistan the interst of the mother language. After the birth of pakistan the ruler of the west Pakistan wanted to impose 'Urdu'on the Bengali speaking people as state language of Pakistan. But everybody ,especially the students of the then East Pakistan Demanded Bengali as the state Language. As a result The Language Movement took plance and on 21st February, 1952 Rafiq, Salam,Brkat, Jabbar, Shafiq, and so on sacrificed their lives. Many were injured and hundreds were arrested.
How observed :
There are millions of martyr's monument in our country. Every year on this day people come tho these The government, different organizations and institutions arranged programmed to celebrate the day. Besides, according to a singular decision of the UNESCO on Nov 17. 1999, this day is now the international Mother Language Day has been observed all over the word with due respect in 2000. On this day in a message UN  Secretary General  Kofi anan said, "This day will help to raise awareness among the nations of the world about enduring value of their languages. 
Effect or influence:
This day possesses a great influence for the whole nation as it did in the past. This will go on in the future too. In fact, this movement influence and led the nation to it's liberation .However, yet we find inspiration from the dreamy blue of this movement.
Our language movement on 21st February is a unique event in the history of human civilization. We are really glorified by the declaration of the UNESCO that turned a national celebration to an international event. we are proud of our language martyr's.   

Tree Plantation

'Cive back the forest take your town' says Rabindranath Tagore. By these lines he tries to convince us about the importance ot trees. we are closely associated with trees. Tree plantation means plantings trees more and more. It strengthens the economy of a country of a country. It is not possible to lead a happy and peaceful life without trees.
Tree Plantation,oxygen,environment,trees play an important, role-in our daily life,
Forest resources of Bangladesh:
Lands in the upper valley of a river are more suitable for the growth and development of forest. But Bangladesh is a lower riparian country. For this reason, we have no rich forest resources. Our forest resources constitute with the forest of Bhawal, Madhupir, Chittagong Hill Tracts and the famous Bundarbands
Inconsiderate actions:
Some people inconsiderately cut down trees everywhere. They do not think of the benefit of others and of the country . They don do not think that the destruction of forest can destroy the encirclement system. They only think of their own interests for this Bangladesh is going to be turned in to a desert. at this, we may face the problems of flood, soil, erosion, drought etc. Ti is a great threat to our environment..

Scope and time for afforestation:
there is ample scope for afforestation in Bangladesh. Sea beaches, low lying areas and fallow lands can be brought under the scheme of afforestation with special types of trees suited by the side of roads and highways. Trees may be planted in all sides of ponds and dighis in village. June-july is the best time for planting trees.

Advantage of tree plantation:
Trees play an important role-in our daily life. They are used for different purposes.In order to live we need oxygen. Threes give us that oxygen. They gives us food and fruits, Furies are rich in food value and vitamins. They also provide us shelter . We get timber from trees and without timbers we cannot make our houses. furniture, boats, launches ships etc. If trees are planted on the banks of rivers and sea-shores, can be prevented. They also president air pollution.Without trees land becomes a desert. May kinds of medicines are prepared from leaves, Roots and barks of trees, Threes protect the country from the harmful green house effect.

Measures to be taken:
to preserve our environment we should plante more and more trees. tree plantation programmer should be expanded to the remote corner of the country. The officers connected with this program me should take proper steps and needful measures to make it success. Government should take necessary steps to make the people interested in planting trees. for this reason government should make T.V or radio monogrammed on the subject of afforestation. It is a matter of joy that the government of our county makes a massive campaign of tree plantation every year. Trees are part and parcel of our life. The necessary of trees and the important of tree plantation cannot be ignored in any way.So it is our bounded duty to plant trees and take care of them.


The history of human civilization tells the advancement and achievement of science. Modern science has presented us various wonderful and interesting things. Television is one of them. IT can give both knowledge and pleasure. Now-a-days it is a popular medium of mass communication.
What it is :
Television, bangladeshi television,civilization,visio,digita televisio
The word Television comes from the latin word 'tele' and 'vision'. The rerm 'tele' means distance and vision means sight.  In a word , Television means a sight from  distance. It is somewhat different fron a radio. From a radio we only get the vouce of the speaker. On the other hand, we get both the voice and the picture of the speaker from a television. Thus it has been proved as the best medium of all.       
At first the thought of sending a picture to a distant place comes in Paul Nipkow, German scientist. But john Bayard, an English scientist was able to give this thought a real shape . As a result, we get Television.
How it works:
The function of a television is mainly complete through two parts. One is transmitter that changes the picture into eletro-magnetie wave. Another is the antenna that catches this wave from air. Then we get the picture.
Television is very necessary to modern culture and civilization. We can get various news throughout the world sitting at home. It is a great source of recreation. We enjoy drama, dance, music and songs is it. Now -a-days we need not go to stadium to enjoy a game like football,cricket tennis etc.We can enjoy a live tele-cast of htem. It also plays an important role in education. It is being used to teach the students and illiterate people. It also arranged special  programmes for children, woman worders and soldiers. It is the best medium of being famillar with customs and traditions the world. So ti has a great appeal to the people of all classes.
Abuses of  Television:
Television in not only useful to us. It has some abuses too. Sometimes young boys and girls concentrate their attention so much on it that they froget everything. They forget about their suddies which is the main duty of the sudents.
Really, the Television is the charm of the age. It has brought a remarkable change in human life. It has become companion to the lonely people and friend to the friendless. It is now a part and parcel of everyday life. In a developing country like ours, importance of television cannot be ignored . Son government should try tj make is available among all sections of people.

Your Native Village

The name of our village is Godardanga. It is in the district of Khulna. It is an old village.
 Your Native Village

Our village stands on the east bank of the Kapilmuni. On the east there is a large field . It is 52 Miles away from the district head quarter. The thana head quarter, Paikgacha is only 12 miles away from our Village.
Population :
The population of our village is over four thousands . Most of them are Muslims, The rest are Hindus. Most of the village are farmers. Some are businessmen are service holders. few of the village are  fishermen and carpenters. There are some educated mean in our village. Most of them live in towns.
It is an importing village. There are a high school, two primary Schools, college and a public library i our village. There are also a post office and a big market here. There are two pucca mosques and Madrasa in the village.
The communication of our village either by road or by river is very good . It is well communicated with the district head quarter and the thana head quarter. The kopotakkho river conects our village with Kapilmuni and Tala.
Our village is famous for various cultural activities like 'jatra' jarigan, boat race and the bullock race etc.
Climate and health :
The climate of our village is good for health . We have no want of pure drinking water, fish, milk,meat and vegetables,are available in plenty, So the villagers are healthy and active.
the people of our village are simple and honest. they live in peace an happiness. we are proud that we live in such and ideal village.


Computer is the most wonderful contribution of modern sicence. It is an ultra-dodern electronic device of modern technology.But it has no ability to don anything by itself. It works on the basis of commands given by th operator. It can solved many complicated problem within a short time.
Computer is invented by the hard word of many scientists.Charles Bavez is called the father of modern computer . he invented the structure of computer at first in 1833.His invented computer had five parts. These were Store, Maill,control, Input and output.By following the structure of computer combined invented the modern, electronic computer in 1944 After this, it has been rapidly modified and many other computers have been invented.                                   
computer, is the most wonderful, contribution, of modern sicence, ultra-dodern,wimax, modern,electronic computer,Computer has made, a great change, in education,
At present many kinds of computer have invented. Each of the specials systems is called 'generation' Now-a-days, fourth generation compute is being used.By this time, we have got UNIVAC-1: 1 .C.L- 2900 ; B.M - 640; ADSAC-205 Computers are active in the market.
Working System :
A Computer performs three functions. It receives data, processes it and at  last emits the input of the computer. It is called programmer, The computer does not work in our language. So the programmer is to puit in its own language. This programmer is typed and produced in the tele-type unit of the information input. The output prints the results with the help of the printing machine. It's sing goes to the memory and the control unit reads them and sends them to the output unit.Being informed the control unit makes single  to send them to the arithmetic unit  After finishing its tasks it send them to the result output. Thus result is emitted by Computer.


  1. Computer  is very useful to us. It is used in our daily life for various purposes.
  2. (1) In education: 
  3. Computer has made a great change in education. The students of developed countries use computer to prepar their study materials. The result of various exminations is prepared accurately by computer within a short time. Bsedes, printing thousands of books within a short time, computer contribute a lot in education.
  4. (2) In medical :
  5. At present computer is used to diagnose disease. A new process of  operation is invented by computer as an alternative of surgery Beside this computer is used to grind stones normal pathological test.(
  6. (3) In commerce:
  7. Now-a-days, computer is used to prepare document and budget and to store information. The price of currency and price of any share can be known instantly by computer.
  8. (4 In Industrial Sector :
  9. At present , computer is used to run mills, factories and industry in developed countries. Care, trains and plantes are also run by the ccomputer.
  10. The computer is a blessing of modern science. We cannot go a single moent without it. It lessen our wouks and makes our lives easy and simple. But it has not been fully introduced in Bangladesh. So we should use it all over Bangladesh.

A Local Game of Bangladesh ' Ha-Du-Du'

Bangladesh is a land of games an sports. there is no clear-cut division between urban and local games and spots. Football,Volleyball, Cricket are playedin towns as well as in villages But ha-du-du or Kabdi is the most important and exciting.
How Played :                                                  
The games Ha-du-du is played between two teams. The number of the players in each teams not fised but both the teams should have equal number of players. A particular field is needed to play this game the field is divided in two teams stand in rows face to face on each side. A referee conducts the games,

ha-du-du, inbangladesh ha-du-du,interesting parts of the Game,refreshing game,local game of bangladesh,
The game starts with his direction. One of the players of one side planges into the other side with the sound 'Ha-du-du'.He tries to touch the players of the opposite team without being caught by them. If he can touch a player and run back to his side with breath intact, The player he touched is said to die. On the other hand, if he is caught and his breath fails, he himself is said to die. A dead player of one side is revived by the death of a player of the opposite said, The surviving party wins the game. 
Interesting parts of the Game:
Had-du-du is an interesting and refreshing game. The art of catching an enjoy player is really interesting and refreshing game. The art of catching an enjoy player is a really interesting. Keeping breath to make the players die and making 'Ha-du-du' sounds area also interesting.
Usefulness :
The game is played for amusement . the game helps to build our body. It also  helps boys to build a sense of team spirit. The game teachers them to be disciplined.
The local games are a part of our culture and heritage. we should all try to revive the local games and enough our young  ones to take part in them for enjoying.

My Favorite Game football

There are  many kinds of games in our country. Of all games, I like football most, It was first played in England. New it is played in all countries of the world.

Why favorite:
football most,football is my favorite game,wins the game, bangladesh footbal,football,my favarite football,bangladeshi football,
Football is my favorite game because it has some special advantage . It is an exciting game. It gives us much delight. It is an exciting game. It thrills both the players and the spectators.     

Football is an out door game. It requires a big field. It is 120 yards long and 80 yards wide. There are two teams. Each team has elven players. Of them one is goal keeper, two full backs, three half backs and five forwards. there is a referee  to conduct the game.

How played:
At the beginning of the game the ball is placed at the center of the field.  The referee whistles and ht e game begins . The each team tries to pass the ball  through the opposite goal post. But they cannot touch the ball with hands. Only the goal keeper can touch and each it. There is an interval . The team which scores  more goal .

wins the game.
Merits: The game of football teaches teaches us obedience to rules. It also teachers discipline. Co-operation and leadership. It improves the health of a player and makes him prompt careful. strong and hardy.thought, the game of football has some risks of being in injured, is liked by all.

The Postman

The postman is the most eagerly awaited person to us. He is petty government  servant. He works in a post office .He is well known to all both in towns and in village. He is great friend of the people.
The postman is a familiar figure to us for his special dress. He puts on khaki dress.He ha a turban on his head. He always carries a bag across his shoulders. Letters and other valuable things are kept in it. Sometimes he rides on his bicycle.
The postman has to do many works. His daily work begins in the morning At first he attends the office. He sorts the letters, money orders, parcels etc. of the owners. In the village he sells post cards and envelope . He has to walk a long distance to finish his duties in time.
The life of a postman is not easy. His duty is full of responsibility . He has to be regular in his duties, He has to lead a busy. Puncture  and dutiful life. His failure in duties may cause great harm to the people.
A good postman has many qualities. He is dutiful and sincere. He is regular, honest and conscious of his duties. He is an embodiment of quiet service.
The postman is a great friend of the people. He does a very useful work to us. We cannot do without his service. He bring us news from home and abroad . Sometime she brings bad news and make us unhappy. But when he brings good news we become pleased and happy. So we eagerly wait for his arrival. the postman gets a small pay .But his duty is very responsible. So he should be well-paid so tat he  may perform his duty with full attention.


Main is a social being. He has to live with other in society. In cannot do whatever likes. He must obey some rules and regulations. To obey these rules and regulations is called discipline. It helps a man to mound his life according t the prevailing law and Oder.
Value of Discipline:
The value of discipline is indescribable in our life. It helps men to live in society with peace and happiness. It is the basis of all the virtues. Without discipline nothing can be improved in a country.
Discipline In Nature:
Nature shows a glaring example of discipline . The earth, the moon, the stars and all the planets move around the sun following discipline strictly.
Necessity of Discipline: 
 Discipline: is very necessary in every steps of our life. The necessity of discipline in different fields of our life id described below by tuners. 
Discipline in student life:
Discipline is very essential in student life. It is the best time the build the habit of disciple. A students must attend school punctually and obey the rules of the school. He must early out the orders of the teachers. Without discipline the teachers cannot teach and the students cannot learn their lessons.
Discipline in the Army:
Discipline is strictly manipulated in the army. It is the part and parcel of the army. Difficulty, danger and even death cannot escape a soldier from carrying out the orders of his commander.
Discipline in games and sports:
Discipline  is necessary in games and spots. A player has to show respect to the decision of the referee. If the players in the play ground do not obey the rules of the game and the orders of the captain they're sure to lose the games.
Discipline in the family :
All the members of a house should obey the rules of the family. A family, without discipline is sure to suffer chaos and unhappiness. A disciplined family leads a happy and healthy life.Discipline is the root of all virtues of our life No development of a society , a country and above all a nation is not possoble without discipline. A life without discipline is like a ship without a rudder.So all of us should be the performer od discipline from the very beginning of life.

Flood In Bangladesh

Flood is a natural calamity . It is an annual affair in Bangladesh . Bangladesh suffer from flood almost every year.
What is flood: Due to excessive rainfall or any other cause when rivers and canal overflow their banks and makes a huge loss to crops and property, then it is called flood.
flood In bangladesh,flood is a natural calamity,it is an annual affair in Bangladesh,high roads, schools and college,bangladesh flood,
How it caused:  The causes of flood are many. It is mainly caused by heavy showes of rain. It may be caused by cyclones tidal bores or melting of snow on mountains.                             
Damage caused by flood:
Flood causes a big loss of our life, property and crops. It washes away villages, roads and even peoples houses. Many human lives are lost. All the communication is suspended . People become homeless they take shelter on the high roads, schools and college.
The after effects of flood are more dangerous .After flood epidemic and famine break out. The areas affected by flood become muddy and unhealthy. There is scarcity of drinking water. The price of all daily necessities go up. 
Relief shoud be given properly to the flood affected people. They should;d be rehabilitated .  Easy loans and seed should be given to them.
Floods do some good to us. It makes our lands fertile by depositing silt. It washes away filth and dirt.  It is urgently necessary to take proper steps for the control of flood in our country bout long and shout term plans canbe taken The siltedup beds of our river should be excavated for carrying more water. Proper embankments should be construction along the bank of the river. flood causes a huge loss  our country every year. So we must control flood at any cost .


Tea is a kinds of drink. We get if from tea leaves. Now-a-days it is the most popular drink in the world.
Where grown/ Producing countries.
tea most popular drink in the world.china, japan, india and bangladesh,tea ,cultivation,how grown
Tea grows well in the hilly places where rain water cannot stand at all. It needs hot and moist climate and heavy rainfall. It grows in China, japan, India and Bangladesh, In Bangladesh it grows well in the hilly areas of sylhet and Chittagong
Cultivation/ How grown:
Tea plants grow from seeds. Seeds are sown in March. Seedlings are transported  in rows five feet apart. They are regularly pounced and allowed to grow only four to five feet high.
When tea plants are four years of age, leaves are plucked three or four times a year. The leaves are first dried in the sun and and roasted in fire. Thus the leaves are already for use and sale.
How prepared :
At first water is boiled in a pot. Tea leaves are put into boiling water . After three or four minutes it is poured into cups through a sieve. Then sugar and milk is mixed with it. Thus it because a good drink.
Tea is a useful drink to us. It refreshes body and mind and gives energy for work. It is a cheap drink to all. It also helps us to keep awake . In our country it is an important cash crop.
Tea is not always good for health. In hot countries it does more harm than good. Too much of it is bad for health. It kills hunger. the important of tea in our national economy is very great. It brings a good deal of foreign money every year and helps our country develop to a great extent. So we should take care of better production of tea.

Physical Exercise

Physical Exercise, means the movement,of our body,Various Kinds,importance necessity: of physical exercise, according to rule,evils of not taking physical exercise,Physical Exercise means the movement of the limbs of our body according to rules.  None can enjoy good health without physical exercise. It keeps good health and promote strength. It also keeps him free from disease.

There are many kinds of physical exercise like walking. Swimming , riding, running etc. Different kinds of games such as football, cricket hockey, badminton etc. are good forms of healthy exercise. All forms of exercise are not equally suitable to all. All  kinds games are quite good for the young . On the other hand, walking is good fro all ages people.

Proper time of exercise:                                                           
Morning and evening are the best time of talking physical exercise. We should take exercise in the open air. We should not take exercise in empty stomach or immediate after talking meal.
physical exercise is very necessary to us. Our life is full of activities and struggle. one can tackle them by his physical fitness. It improves our health and makes a man strong and active. There  is a proverb, A sound mind lies in as sound mind lies in a sound body If the body is unsound , the mind must be unsound. a sound body depends on regular exercise. It also improves our power of digestion. It keeps a man free from diseases.
physical exercise is  most important for the students . They do hard mental work. So they need sound body and sound mind which depend on regular exercise. 
Evils of not taking physical exercise:
Those who do not take regular exercise, soon lose their health. they do not find interest and happiness in life. Health is wealth it is the root of all happiness .physical exercise enable us to achieved this wealth. So we should take physical exercise regularly.